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Find out how our businesses can fully support your vineyard. From soil preparation to access roads, construction and circular waste disposal we can provide a variety of services to the viticulture industry.

Working in partnership with sister company FGS Agri we can assist with Vineyard and Orchard soil preparation using the latest machinery.

Soil sampling & soil management plans

The FACTS/Wamitab qualified advisors at FGS Organics are committed to the responsible application of fertilisers to land. We can create soil management plans featuring recommendations for your soil while ensuring that all applications to land are matched to your vineyard’s needs.

Supply & application of PAS100 compost

We can supply and apply PAS100 compost soil improver from the Kent, Surrey, Suffolk, Essex or West London composting sites of our sister company Envar Composting.

Cultivations for cover crops

Using our cultivation equipment, we can prepare ground to create a seed bed for cover crop mixes to be drilled.

Drilling of cover crops

We can undertake the drilling of cover crops into small and large areas of ground destined to be planted with vines. The cover crops will improve the health of the soil, rebuild soil organic matter and improve soil biodiversity. This is great for preparing the soil for vines.

Spraying off cover crops

We have a range of precision spraying machinery to undertake the spraying off of cover crops. Prior to ploughing and cultivating, the cover crops need to be sprayed to stop them growing.

Ploughing & Cultivating

We can undertake ploughing and cultivating to incorporate any standing cover crop and any fertiliser products that may have been applied.

Gramegna 3M & Falconero spading machines

We also have our Gramegna 3m and Falconero spading machines. These are mounted agricultural machines designed for loosening and breaking up the soil. Spading prepares the soil prior to subsequent work, preparing the seed bed in a single pass.

The spading machine is used as a tractor accessory attachment in the field. The principle is the same as that of spading by hand with a spade: blades are driven alternately into the soil, clods are lifted and thrown backwards, and the surface is levelled off by the action of a bar or rake. The spading machine detaches rather than slicing, leaving a porous, permeable bed that allows the soil to breathe and absorb water.

Our Gramegna 3m machine is wider than our smaller Falconaro Spading Machine. It can therefore be mounted to a larger more powerful tractor, giving us the capability of covering larger areas of ground more quickly.

From groundworks and construction of trackways to field drainage and aeration, we offer a wide variety of services to the viticulture industry.

We can create trackway and access roads to enable safe movement of vehicles and equipment around your vineyard. Temporary and permanent trackway solutions can be installed to suit customer needs. We can also repair and reinstate existing trackways.
We can install wash down bays for vineyard sites. This solution enables machinery to be cleaned down in a safe area with the dirty water contained so it can be removed, avoiding contamination of the land surrounding the washdown bay.
We offer the full package of works required for the construction of buildings – from groundworks and concreting to the erection of frames and walls. Examples of building uses include tasting rooms, visitor centres and stores.
We have the expertise and machinery to undertake the construction of reservoirs and lagoons for the storage of water. From small lagoons to large reservoirs, we can create a solution that works for you.
Construction of parking areas to provide safe and level parking solutions whether it’s for public vehicles, HGV’s or vineyard machinery.
We can construct and install rainwater harvesting systems. We can install overground and underground storage tanks fitted with filtration systems and pumps for reusing the water along with installing the pipework to feed the rainwater into the storage tanks.
We have specialist equipment to improve field drainage. Using our laser grading-controlled range of trenching machines, we can cut a trench. lay land drainage pipe and back fill drainage stone in one continuous action. From small areas of a vineyard to a large-scale drainage installation design.
We can also undertake specialist vineyard work such as aerating. We have a self-propelled aeration machine that will open the soil to improve air exchange, enhance water and fertiliser uptake and improve root longevity.

Our commercial organic waste collection and recycling services offer convenience and value for money.
We make sure your waste is as sustainable as it can be.


Food waste collected by Countrystyle Recycling is taken to Anaerobic digestion (AD) plants to produce green energy from biodegradable waste. These plants break down organic matter in the absence of oxygen which causes a microbial digestion process that produces biogas, which is a mix of methane and carbon dioxide and is captured to produce heat and energy. This valuable gas provides a sustainable energy source and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.


Decomposing food waste in landfill produces methane, a harmful greenhouse gas and a major contributor to climate change. Diverting food from landfill helps to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions.

We can help you achieve sustainability goals and Netzero milestones.


We have a vast range of waste containers to suit all different needs and an expert team to advise what your recommended size and service frequency would be to make the most out of our services. Discover all our different container options here.

Our portfolio of services doesn’t stop here. The businesses within our group provide may be able to provide the extra support need – from habitat creation and offsetting solutions to fencing and hedgecutting, we’ve got you covered.

Envar is a producer and supplier of high quality soil improver, garden mulch, wood chip and biomass. We operate green waste composting sites across England with sites in Surrey, Northamptonshire, West London, Essex, Kent and Suffolk as well as our flagship site in Cambridgeshire where we also process food waste.

FGS Agri provides a one stop shop for all outsourced agricultural services required by farmers. Using a wide range of modern farm machinery, FGS Agri undertake all operations to the highest of standards. In addition to specialising in agricultural services we offer a wide range of regenerative agriculture service and utility contracting services.

Verigreen is a specialist processor of waste food and drinks, responsibly collecting and disposing of surplus and waste food and drink across the UK.
Verigreen’s comprehensive services can be tailored to meet the unique demands of your business, providing efficient and responsible food waste collection, anaerobic digestion disposal, and a range of specialised haulage options for food waste.

Habitat Regeneration provide a practical and proactive approach to ecological enhancement and offsetting solutions. We take projects from an initial concept through to delivery and long term management. By utilising experienced ecologists, skilled operators and specialist machinery Habitat Regeneration are able to provide a quality service, ensuring project delivery which maximises ecological benefit.

FGS Industrial resolve customer’s problems, both short term and long term. Whether it’s a temporary fix or a more permanent arrangement, FGS ensure all work is compliant with regulations so our customers don’t have to worry. We provide a bespoke, personal, quality service using skilled operators who have a range of industry knowledge, gained from years of mixed experience.

FGS Plant is a leading plant hire company, supplying a wide range of equipment. We are service led, quality driven with carefully selected equipment of the highest quality, sourced from leading manufacturers. With sister companies Hire Access Platforms based in Dorset and Clements Plant & Access Hire based in Coventry, we can provide equipment throughout the South and Midlands.