Re-fuelling the next generation

At VeriGreen we maximise the potential of your food waste, helping you minimise your business’s environmental impact. We do this by picking up your food and produce waste directly from your premises, using our dedicated fleet, and transporting it to a local anaerobic digestion (AD) plant.

At the AD plant all the packaging waste is separated from the food waste and sent to an energy recovery plant. Microorganisms break down the food and produce waste material, generating ‘green’ gas which is used to make electricity or is injected into the gas grid network. The green energy produced helps reduce the UK’s reliance on imported gas and power.

Fundamentally managing food waste through AD helps towards a circular economy by creating energy and supplying nutrients back to the soil to grow more food.

VeriGreen’s closed loop solution means we can service every stage of this process from:

  • Collection of food & produce waste from a variety of sectors including residential, food production, hospitality, farms and ports
  • Transportation of food waste to AD plants
  • Green energy to power local homes
  • AD waste supplied to farms for use as a bio fertiliser
  • Bio fertiliser spread back onto the land, enhancing the growth of more food

“I enjoy developing long-term relationships with my customers and creating innovative and sustainable solutions to their problems. I am excited about the environmental sustainability of recycling and growing the business with my team.”

Martin Heathcote, Managing Director

VeriGreen Ltd

The services to ensure quick and clean removal of your food and fruit waste.

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