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Sustainable solutions in agriculture

Sustainable solutions in agriculture

FGS Organics are agricultural soil improvement specialists who undertake the supply, haulage and application of renewable fertilisers to land. FGS Organics work with long term partners to offer the following products and services:

  • Commercial AD digestate
  • On farm AD digestate
  • Digestate Fibre
  • Manure, slurries & livestock waste
  • Viticulture support services
  • Biomass supply
  • Biosolids
  • Paper industry by products
  • Green and food included compost
  • Recycled gypsum
  • Utility support
  • Temporary access trackway

Having a final product is only the beginning of the story. To complete the service, FGS Organics:

  • Manage haulage, off site storage and application
  • Provide modern, precision & GPS controlled application equipment
  • Offer nutrient management planning services
  • Maintain a product sampling routine
  • Calculate application rates for crop and soil requirement
  • Manage applications & deployments for the Environment Agency
  • Complete risk analysis & benefit statements
  • Provide a lagoon & tank emptying service

“As soil improvement specialists, we are fuelled by a passion for promoting soil health. We are committed to an environmentally responsible and sustainable future through a circular economy approach. Together, with our clients, we can enrich the soil to maximise its potential for generations to come.”

Jamie West, General Manager

FGS Organics Ltd

Solutions for the agricultural, industrial, energy and recycling sectors.

Stanford Bridge Farm, Station Road, Pluckley, Kent, TN27 0RU

Tel: 01233 820055