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Sustainable solutions in agriculture

Sustainable solutions in agriculture

FGS Organics work with long term partners to offer the following products and services:

  • Commercial AD digestate
  • On farm AD digestate
  • Digestate Fibre
  • Manure, slurries & livestock waste
  • Viticulture support services
  • Biomass supply
  • Biosolids
  • Paper industry by products
  • Green and food included compost
  • Recycled gypsum
  • Utility support

Having a final product is only the beginning of the story. To complete the service, FGS Organics:

  • Manage haulage, off site storage and application
  • Provide a supply or supply and spread service
  • Maintain a product sampling routine
  • Calculate application rates
  • Manage applications & deployments for the Environment Agency
  • Complete risk analysis & benefit statements
  • Provide a lagoon & tank emptying service

“We pride ourselves on providing bespoke cost effective solutions to our trusted business partners, being able to offer technical advice about our products using our own FACTS qualified advisors. I am proud to be part of this dedicated team who believe in what they do and are willing to go the extra mile.”

Alister Bruford, Operations Manager

FGS Organics Ltd

Solutions for the agricultural, industrial, energy and recycling sectors.

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